How long do you stay?

For packages that includes the evening, I normally stay until around 30 minutes after the First Dance, so typically around 8:30/9:00 pm.  I like to get some shots of your guests letting their hair down, but also conscious that they may not want a camera pointed at them all night! However, if there is something specific such as fireworks, Chinese lanterns, etc.,we can discuss this.

What do you wear at our wedding?

I dress like a guest so as to blend in. That way I can capture those wonderful natural shots where people are not necessarily aware of my presence.

So no Safari waistcoats, lens holsters…

Are you insured?

Yes, I have a dedicated photography insurance policy that includes public liability

Can I send a list of the photos we would like and examples?


We always discuss the plan for the day and any specific parts of the day, so I don’t need a list as it will only distract me from catching key moments.! (But I do like to get a group shot list, please see the next question).Similarly for examples, replicating a particular wedding photos is not recommended as it was a unique moment in another wedding. But happy to look at anything specific or unusual! 

How many groups shots do you take?


Once I know your family structure, I can help you put a list together. I normally recommend no more than 10-12 combinations. Although I am very experienced at organising these efficiently, they can still eat up valuable time away from talking with your guests and of course the time we need for the all-important couple shots.

How/when do we pay?

2 weeks before the wedding, via Bank Transfer

Do we feed you?

Totally up to you, but if you do please note that I am a Vegetarian (actually ‘Pescatarian’ as I eat Fish!)

What happens if you fall ill or have an accident etc?


I have never missed a wedding but as part of my contingent planning, I am part of an extensive network of fellow professional wedding photographers.

Do you work alone?



I tend to work alone at most of my weddings unless there is a specific reason to have a second photographer (e.g. separate preparations etc). It keeps your costs down and I find it less distracting .It is also less unobtrusive throughout the ceremony and speeches etc. I do have some great second photographers to call on when required though!