Thinking of getting a family member or friend to do your wedding photography?

When I started out, I was advised by a seasoned professional that it would take me 6 months to feel fully confident enough to handle all the requirements that make up wedding photography. I found this hard to believe but it was sound advice. I'm glad I didn't take on my own weddings until I had experienced several weddings as a 'second shooter’. There is much to learn and manage. This can include planning, lighting variations, anticipating key moments, time management, registration rules, working with other suppliers, pace, differing equipment choice, plus a whole list of unseen issues such as insurance, duplicate equipment, contingency planning, spare batteries, cards, bad weather lighting, professional post-production skills and software, print preparation, album design skills, and on!

With all the costs and time dedicated to weddings, it's so important to ensure you have professional photographs to bring back all those memories for a lifetime.

How long do you stay?

For packages that includes the evening, I normally stay until around 30 minutes after the First Dance, so typically around 8:30/9:00 pm. I like to get some shots of your guests letting their hair down, but also conscious that they may not want a camera pointed at them all night! However, if there is something specific such as fireworks, Chinese lanterns, etc., we can discuss this.

What do you wear at our wedding?

I dress like a guest so as to blend in. That way I can capture those wonderful natural shots where people are not necessarily aware of my presence.

Are you insured?

Yes, I have a dedicated photography insurance policy that includes public liability

Can I send a list of the photos we would like and examples?

 We always discuss the plan for the day and any specific parts of the day, so I don’t need a list as it will only distract me from catching key moments! Replicating a particular wedding photos you have seen is not recommended as it was a unique moment in another wedding. But happy to look at anything specific or unusual! 

How many groups shots do you take?

Once I know your family structure, I can help you put a list together. I normally recommend no more than 10 combinations. Although I am very experienced at organising these efficiently, I know only too well how this part of the day can take up valuable time away from talking with your guests and of course the time we need for the all-important couple shots.

How/when do we pay?

2 weeks before the wedding, via Bank Transfer

Do we feed you?

Totally up to you, but if you do please note that I am a Vegetarian.

What happens if you fall ill or have an accident etc?

 I have never missed a wedding but as part of my contingent planning, I am part of an extensive network of fellow professional wedding photographers.

Do you work alone?

 I tend to work alone at most of my weddings unless there is a specific reason to have a second photographer (e.g. separate preparations etc). It keeps your costs down and I find it less distracting. It is also less unobtrusive throughout the ceremony and speeches etc. I do have some great second photographers to call on when required though!


 By default, copyright remains with the photographer. However the wedding couple is effectively given a 'licence of use'. This means you can use your wedding for anything that isn’t ‘commercial’,(eg competitions, advertising, selling etc). When posting your wedding photos online, all I ask is that you quote '@Alan Barnes Photography’. This not only helps to protect me but also deters others from copying your wedding photographs and using them elsewhere!

What is your Privacy policy?

 Please visit my Privacy page