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London born, now based in the Brighton area with my wife Suzanne. A life-long passion for photography - my aim is to document your wedding and supply beautiful crafted photographs - in the way it happened and therefore unique to you.

I will take some formal family group shots of course, but most of my photographs will be natural. No fuss , no bossing you or your guests around!,  just there capturing it all for you. I aim to provide you with a stunning set of images that will be a life-long keepsake of happy and emotional memories. Real memories, not posed and unnatural. So much of your time, effort and money is spent on your wedding day and if you don’t get the right photographer to capture the fleeting moments, you could regret it for a long time!

The best wedding photographers must be skilled in composition and light. They should also be reliable, friendly, trustworthy and have a drive to achieve the best results – always. My 5 star client feedback should give you the confidence that I meet these requirements consistently.

Am I the right wedding photographer for you?!

It is important to you and me that we are the right fit for each other. My style is mostly documentary, this does not mean I don’t include a few family group shots, but my main aim to to capture the story of your day as it actually happened without my interference. I also avoid crazy angles and over processed images that will go out of fashion in a short time. I will not dominate your day but will expect to be trusted to carry out my job. My portfolio should give you a good idea of my style and standard.

How does it work?

Following your enquiry, we arrange a date to meet. We can do this in person or via Skype, depending on your availability. At the consultation you will get to see some of my albums, prints and of course meet each other. I am going to be part of your wedding day, so it is important to feel at ease with your wedding photographer!

All sizes and traditions

For me, no wedding is too large or small and I have covered most traditions too.  My approach is that it is your wedding day, not my photoshoot, but I aim to wow you all the same!

My Style

Predominantly natural and documentary. But that doesn’t mean I will ignore the small details that can make a difference. The dress spread, the hands, a cravat that has become loose. Just an instinctive feel for getting it right without time-consuming fuss. During my 10 years of photographing weddings, I have pretty much seen it all! I like to think I am more than just your photographer. I am happy to step in and help with cravats, corsage, button holes, arranging guests for confetti throws so it looks great (and for example - that you are not holding drinks at this stage!). I am great at calming nerves and helping you take it all in rather than be bag of nerves!


I take pride in the fact that many of my bookings are from previous  client referrals. Trust is so important in the field of wedding photography – where couples are faced with a large choice of wedding photographers with a variety of styles, experience and skills. So instead of just a leap of faith for such an important decision, it is vital to feel confident that your photographer:

  • Is experienced in wedding photography, with an extensive portfolio.

  • Will not dominate your day!

  • Has an intuitive understanding of composition and light.

  • Will get the must-have shots

  • Has professional level equipment with duplicate spares.

  • Is unobtrusive, but pro-active.

  • Has an expertise in high quality post-production editing.

Please see what others say about me on the Reviews page.

Please contact me with your wedding date, location etc and we can arrange to meet at a convenient place and time to suit you both.