Wedding at Manor House Hotel - Guildford

"What happens if it rains?” is a question I get asked very often by couples.

I have not had many weddings where it has rained all day, so you have to bide your time and get out during the breaks. But when there are no breaks!, as in the case on this day, you just have to deal with it. Umbrella romantic walking shots outside and bring out the extra lighting for indoor shots. These days I carry enough lights to achieve excellent group shots of any size indoors. I don’t know how I coped in my early days of Wedding Photography with just one flash light! 
At this wonderful wedding we even did the confetti throw indoors! The staff were happy to get the brooms out afterwards.

However, to make sure Georgina and Charlie did not lose out , I went the extra mile in the evening drizzle to set up remote triggered lights within the structure of the Pagoda and they were happy to leave the dance floor for 10 minutes whilst I got some wonderful evening shots.


Alan Barnes