Wedding Photography in Bournemouth


What happens if it rains on my Wedding Day? Is a question I always get! I used to reply: "If it does, it rarely rains all day anyway and we just use the breaks to get the outside shots” Whilst this is still mostly true, I have had quite a few non-stop rainy wedding recently.

So off to sunny Bournemouth for the wedding of Laura and Joel. We had already done  a 'pre-shoot' in Brighton, so by now we knew each other very well and I was really looking forward to it. But the forecast was not looking great!

Sitting in a cafe by the peir, reading my notes and preparing for the day ahead.

Sitting in a cafe by the peir, reading my notes and preparing for the day ahead.


Wet weather planning.
Anticipating a day of rain, I arrived early to scout around the hotel for good indoor photo opportunities. Fortunately the Royal Bath Hotel is not short of a range of excellent areas that are ideal.

Using my iPhone, I walked around the hotel recording all promising locations and worked out a route to visit as many as possible.

I always bring extra 'off-camera lighting’, this enables me to get some great indoor shots.

The hotel has quite a big foyer area with a balcony overlooking it, so I marked that out for all the group shots.



It rained all day and evening; non-stop drizzle, but aside from not being able to get some beach shots, the opportunities within the venue made up for it, and at least there was no over-bearing sun or annoying wind to contend with, as is sometimes the case! 

I was very honoured to get a special mention in the speeches and presented with a bottle of wine, which was well received by my wife when I got home!

Below, I have added a small selection of the photos taken during this amazing wedding.

Alan Barnes