Woldingham Golf Club Wedding Photography

Steph and Connor got married at St Margaret’s Church in Chipstead, followed by the reception/celebrations at Woldingham Golf Club.
When the Vicar arrived on his bicycle, he summoned the videographer and I and we thought he was going to lay some mean restrictions on us!, but just said “You are the two most important people here, as your photos and videos will capture all the moments that are about to happen for the couple to treasure forever" and walked off....he looked back and finished with “And don’t tread on my toes!” 

During the ceremony one of the older relatives starting coughing and it was escalating into something that I knew she could not control. I have been there before, so I put my camera down and fetched a glass of water. Well all that coughing made me thirsty! No seriously I took it over to her and we all carried on without a hitch. I got some good hero praise for that later!

On to the wonderful Woldingham Golf Club for shots featuring an open top car and an upside down cake. 

Look out for the bride and her dad dancing against a backdrop of a photo of them together when she was a young girl. Very moving.

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Alan Barnes