Hendall Manor Barns Wedding Photography

Hendall Manor Barns is a wonderful split-level stone barn venue in the heart of the East Sussex countryside. The facilities at this discreetly located venue will wow all guests and the staff are amazing. Jenny and James chose this venue for their wedding and you will see why in the selection of photographs below. 
Amongst the photogenic locations on offer, is a large pond area and to add some interest in the reflections I threw a large pebble in the centre to create an spiral wave effect. All part of the Alan Barnes Photography service!
Jenny father’s speech featured a whole set of large photographs from their past. Some funny and some poignant  memories of the time they spent together as Father and Daughter. As a father of three girls myself, I know what this means to them. However James did not get off highly, and a few photographs from his childhood caused some light-hearted embarrassment for him! One of the best Father of the Bride speeches I have seen.
Sparkers at the end. As any wedding photographer will know, sparklers are not always easy to photography. These red hot sticks create a lot of smoke and the sparkles don’t spread too far. With such bright light from them in a dark location, it is a challenge. But I think I nailed it on this occasion!

Alan Barnes