Michael Sheen - BBC

One of my all time favourite films is ‘The Damned United’ featuring Michael Sheen OBE as Leeds United FC’s doomed-from-the-start manager Brian Clough. He nailed the part. He has also played Tony Blair and David Frost in other films with amazing authenticity. It was therefore a real honour to have received a commission to photograph him at the BBC’s Broadcasting House - where he recorded some voice-overs, for the charity End Youth Homelessness
We waited somewhat nervously for his arrival and when he and his wife arrived, I started with some photos outside Broadcasting House. We then went through the strict security checks and were escorted to one of the many recording studios within the corridors of the BBC. Here Michael read out a prepared script several times at different speeds, with not a single mistake. Then spoke in free-form about his thoughts regarding the charity. No script and again not a single mistake. I have never seen such professionalism at close quarters, it was truly jaw-dropping.

Below are a small selection of the photos I took and are now published here https://www.eyh.org.uk/en/ and here https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0008p3d

Alan Barnes