Fitness Centre

December 2019, I was contacted by a young couple who ran a Fitness Centre in Islington. They were planning a wedding, needed a wedding photographer but also wanted photos to help promote their fitness centre. We did the photo session at the Fitness Centre and started to plan for their 2020 wedding. Little did any of us know what was about to be unleashed across the world...

The Wedding

With 18th September 2020 set in the diary for the wedding, we started making plans. But as the year started to unfold, so did stories of a worrying virus spreading out of control across the world, and by March it had become clear that we had a huge problem - a world-wide Pandemic. Weddings started getting postponed, cancelled then not allowed to take place anyway, and Jenny and Jonny's planned date for 18/9/20 became 18/9/21 with fingers crossed.

The day eventually came and Jenny and Jonny got ready at the Hilton London Hotel on Purley Way, Croydon, before moving off for the main event at Oaks Farm in Shirley, a venue I am very familiar with.

It was a big relief to see such a nice couple get their big day in the end.

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