Wedding Photography in Bournemouth


What happens if it rains on my Wedding Day? Is a question I always get! I used to reply: "If it does, it rarely rains all day anyway and we just use the breaks to get the outside shots” Whilst this is still mostly true, I have had quite a few non-stop rainy wedding recently.

So off to sunny Bournemouth for the wedding of Laura and Joel. We had already done  a 'pre-shoot' in Brighton, so by now we knew each other very well and I was really looking forward to it. But the forecast was not looking great!

 Sitting in a cafe by the peir, reading my notes and preparing for the day ahead.

Sitting in a cafe by the peir, reading my notes and preparing for the day ahead.


Wet weather planning.
Anticipating a day of rain, I arrived early to scout around the hotel for good indoor photo opportunities. Fortunately the Royal Bath Hotel is not short of a range of excellent areas that are ideal.

Using my iPhone, I walked around the hotel recording all promising locations and worked out a route to visit as many as possible.

I always bring extra 'off-camera lighting’, this enables me to get some great indoor shots.

The hotel has quite a big foyer area with a balcony overlooking it, so I marked that out for all the group shots.



It rained all day and evening; non-stop drizzle, but aside from not being able to get some beach shots, the opportunities within the venue made up for it, and at least there was no over-bearing sun or annoying wind to contend with, as is sometimes the case! 

I was very honoured to get a special mention in the speeches and presented with a bottle of wine, which was well received by my wife when I got home!

Below, I have added a small selection of the photos taken during this amazing wedding.

Easter Wedding at Oaks Farm, Surrey

Yellow was the colour for Amy and Ryan’s Easter Wedding at Oaks Farm, Shirley. My photography started with guest arrivals and a chance to get some shots of the reception room. One of the many advantages of Oaks Farm is that there is a separate ceremony room, which means the Wedding Breakfast decorations and tables can be set up without any rushed change-over.

All 4 Bridesmaids were Amy and Ryan’s daughters and in the evening one of the younger girls came up to me with me a daffodill and thanked me for taking their pictures! I was so touched by this that I took it home and although it is withering now, I will keep it as a special memento.


Here is a small selection of some of the amazing memories that Amy and Ryan made and will be able to treasure for the rest of their lives.
For full-screen viewing, please click and keep clicking through the gallery!

Weddings South and North

Danielle and Blake chose Westerham Golf Club for their wedding and celebrations. My cover on this wedding was up to the Wedding Breakfast which was fortunate as I already had a wedding booked the next day in W Yorkshire! (more on that later)
I started at Danielle's house for the Bride Preparations and met videographer Glen Barnard. I hear a lot of tales about clashes between the wedding photographer and the Videographer and I can honestly say this has not happened to me. Glen and I instantly got on and it was a pleasure working with him. 
We met up again at the Golf Club and took shots and footage of Blake, family and guests before the arrival of Danielle in her White Rolls Royce. Red Coat Toastmaster Jonathan ( was on hand to guide guests to their seats and generally make the whole day run smoothly and in great spirits. 
After the ceremony we took 2 golf buggies out for the portrait session.  Once everyone was seated, I bade my farewells and headed for the M1... but first here are a few photos from the day:

Tracey and Paul
When my good friend and ex-colleague Paul asked me to photograph his wedding to Tracey, I did not hesitate, despite it being held in Pontefract, West Yorkshire!  So straight from Daniel and Blake's Kent Wedding, I made my way round the M25 and on to the M1. I stayed at my daughter Jessica's Uni flat in Nottingham to break the journey, arriving there around 9:30 pm. We went out for a meal, then I worked until midnight downloading the days photos, backing them up twice, clearing cards, charging 4 camera and 16 AA batteries for my lights...
In the morning I rejoined the M1 and arrived at the stately Wentbridge House Hotel to start taking Bride and Groom prep shots. The Best Man was Thomas my ex-boss!
Unfortunately it had rained in the morning so outside shots in the cold temperature were kept to a minimum, but we got quite enough. I was not only the photographer but a guest too, so I sat at a table with other guests, keeping my cameras nearby for speeches etc.
After the first dance and mingling, I headed back to a local hotel, exhausted!
Some shots from wedding number 2

Chris and Jerome’s wedding Photography at Pangdean Old Barn, Brighton

Chris and Jerome chose the wonderful Pangdean Old Barn, set near the South Downs, for their Scottish/French flavoured wedding and celebrations. 
Chris’ tartan kilt suit and Jerome’s dazzling blue suit stole the show - as they should! Following the outside ceremony, we took full advantage of the exceptional areas of this venue for their photography.
The Wedding Breakfast and evening party was held within the stylish 18th Century Barn.
In the evening, the tables were moved aside, and the party kicked off with a Cèilidh band teaching the enthusiastic guests many traditional Scottish dance moves for them to try out on the dance floor.

Digital Darkroom

There is a misconception that photographs taken with film cameras, back in the day were the product of perfect exposure and in-camera composition. Whilst this certainly was the aim of all serious photographers, in the heat of the ‘moment’, changing light conditions and fleeting chances, etc, some post-production in the dark room was often required. This continues today in the digital age, and whilst there are more tools to play with and no chemicals to handle, a professional photographer's talent should ideally incorporate the post-production skills to bring out the best in a photograph and reflect what was seen by them at the time (in the documentary field of photography).

Here is an example of a wedding shot taken in a dark(ish) church, intentionally under-exposed so as not to ‘blow out’ any areas. When the groom looked up to the heavens for reassurance before his bride arrived behind him, the light from an upper window lit his face and I wanted to re-capture that in the final production.
So, here is the before and after! 
The Groom is a professional First Division footballer, and along with his new wife, were a pleasure to photograph at their fun-packed wedding.

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 22.51.46.png