Woldingham Wedding Photography

For this wedding photography blog, I am going to break my habit of posting loads of photos from the day, and instead choose 3 subjects/photographs from the wedding with the stories behind them

1. Church Photography Rules.

The Photography rules for religious wedding ceremonies can vary quite widely. I always ask the couple to check with the Vicar, Priest, Rector, Rabbi, Imam, Pastor, etc (normally only one of these!) regarding the rules prior to the wedding day so that there are no surprises for any of us. On this occasion, I was told the Vicar was relaxed and there should not be any issues. However, when he arrived on his bicycle and beckoned the videographer and I over with a serious face, we feared the worst! But he said something I have never heard before. “You are the two most important people at this wedding ceremony. The wedding goes past in a fleeting moment for the couple, and they won't be able to recall all the wonderful moments. I want you to take beautiful photographs and video footage so that they can relive it again and again throughout their lives. Just don’t tread on my toes. Good luck!”
He allowed me a clear central shot as the bride entered the church through the rear door, with the sun beaming behind her. He had already asked guests not to take photographs of this moment, so no image-destroying iPads, Smart phones and cameras are visible!


2. The Bride/Father Dance

Following First Dance, some Brides takes a special moment to dance with her Father. This is often an emotion-charged occasion. Although the Bride's Father has already 'given her away' at the ceremony, it is only towards the end of the day that the Father might wonder where all the years went. For this Bride/Father dance,  a slideshow was set up next to them displaying cherished moments from their past.


3. In the moment

Lastly, I chose this photo, as it is the style of documentary photograph that I love. All four Grandmothers were given front-row seats for the formal dances and immediatly afterwards I saw this moment where so many different things/expressions were taking place at the same time. From selfie-fun to staring out the window...reflecting.