Wedding Photographer Check list

Leading up to the big day

  • Ensure the contract has been signed and payment methods/agreements met.
  • Check your sensors are clear of dust and dirt.
  • Ensure your last photoshoot/wedding is fully backed up, then clear all Memory Cards.
  • Check if your suit/dress needs dry cleaning.
  • Contact the Couple to double check timings etc.
  • Work out where to park.
  • Ensure you are familiar with the venues. Visit or check online.
  • Get a group shot list from the couple and remind them to assign at least one helper from the wedding party.

The day before

  • Charge camera and speed light batteries
  • Clean lenses
  • Route planning (use Street view to get familiar, Sat Navs can fail). Print a map (with your arrows and scribbles!) as backup. Avoid Motorways if possible.
  • Car fuel.
  • Food - as required (always take water).
  • Go through timings (again).
  • Memorise names of couple (!), parents, Best Man, Maid of Honour and any VIPs.
  • Make sure you have at least one contact number for the couple.
  • Group shot list.
  • Equipment ready - eg Tripod, Speedlights, batteries, cards, cameras/lenses (plural!), lens wipes, trigger(s), reflectors, etc (what ever else you use).
  • Mini sewing kit and Emergency items: Pins for button holes, pair of spare cheap cufflinks, hair and safety pins, crochet hook for fiddly hooks on back of dress, eye lash glue, small pack of wipes, couple of plasters, Paracetamol, packet of tissues.
  • Check all cameras you use have their time synchronised.
  • Take battery chargers with you.
  • Don't stay up late!

Leaving for the wedding

  • Check route for any warnings of accidents/congestion etc.
  • Take all the list of equipment as above.
  • Double check again before you drive off - Cameras/Lens, Batteries, Memory Cards, Speedlights, Tripod, Stands, Trigger and SmartPhone.
  • Aim to arrive an hour early unless really local (more for long journeys).

Useful Reminders during the day

  • At Bride Prep - photo with parent(s)
  • Ceremony - First Kiss, Signing
  • Confetti?
  • Regularly check your lenses are clean. Keep a hood on to avoid flare.
  • Make sure the Groom does not have a mobile phone in his trouser pocket!
  • Speeches, especially if being made during the meal.
  • Check your shots during the meal.
  • Keep your cameras and cards with you at all times.
  • Keep an eye on battery life and memory card space.
  • Did they want a photo of the rings?
  • Hydrate and smile regularly!
  • Make sure you have plenty of photos of parents, grandparents, siblings. Bride and Groom with their parents separately.

Before you leave

  • Leave Business Cards.
  • Say goodbye to the couple, their immediate family and venue manager/team.
  • Make sure you take ALL your equipment!