'Fashionably late'. Arriving a few minutes late is fine, but any more and you will risk anything from unnecessary stress, annoyed guests, or worse: registrars, vicars, priest etc cancelling your ceremony due to the impact on a following wedding. This can happen! Ask one of your wedding party to be the time keeper.

Rain - There is nothing that can be done to stop it, so we go with the flow! It rarely rains without a break, but it does, I come prepared with portable lights if required for indoor shots.

Guest photographers. Your call , but from experience, my strong advise it to ask family and guests to put their cameras and smartphones away during the ceremony.  Ask the official to announce it, and you won’t feel awkward. Guests are there to witness and enjoy your wedding, plus my photos of them holding up a device is not ideal  Worse, they can get in the way of important shots. You have paid for a professional with professional cameras!

Chewing Gum! - it may calm the nerves but can result in unattractive open-mouthed shots! A big no-no for the couple and the wedding party.

Family/Group Shots - this is the part of the day that can cause unnecessary time away from your guests and irritation if not planned properly. Create a list, and don’t go overboard with the number of combinations. I will help you compile the list in a logical order and explain how we will make this happen smoothly.