My Top Tips for Wedding Couples

'Fashionably late'. Arriving a few minutes late is fine, but any more and you will risk unnecessary stress, annoyed guests, or worse: your ceremony being cancelled due to the impact on a following wedding ceremony. This can and has happened! Ask one of your wedding party to be the time keeper.

Photo list: The only list I need is the Family/Group shot list (see below). Sending a list of all the shots to your wedding photographer is something that some wedding magazines recommend, but the only time this is useful is if you are using an inexperienced photographer. If I have a list to work to, I could easily miss fleeting magic moments as I will be looking down at the list all day! It also affects my flow and creativity. I am very experienced at wedding photography and you can trust me to anticipate all the key moments. By all means if you have a special photos or two in mind let me know, but preferably not an instagram shot to replicate as that will not be YOUR wedding memory!

Family/Group Shots - this is the part of the day that can cause unnecessary time away from your guests and irritation if not planned properly. Create a list, and don’t go overboard with the number of combinations. I will help you compile the list in a logical order and explain how we will make this happen smoothly.

Rain - There is nothing that can be done to stop it, so we go with the flow! It rarely rains without a break, but if it does, I come prepared with portable lights for indoor shots. We can always capture some wonderful atmospheric/romantic shots of the two of you walking together under an umbrella in the rain!

Alcohol. Pace yourself! It is fine to calm the nerves before the ceremony if you wish, but you have a long day/evening ahead, so take it easy during the day! This is good advice for your immediate wedding party too.

Confetti, don’t rely on all the guests to bring their own.

Bubbles - although can be a nice substitute for confetti, they are more prone to being blown away outside. I am not a huge fan as they can burst on my lens requiring a stop and clean!

Fake Tan - I would recommend going easy on fake tan as it can come out on the orange side in photos!

Best Man speech. Remember there are often young guests present, so lewd jokes can fall flat, cheeky is fine but keep it clean and don’t go too far with the Groom’s (or Bride’s) past. I have seen microphones being snatched away from the Best Man by the Bride or the Bride’s Father and no one wants that!

Makeup. Avoid any make-up with SPF in it, including mineral veils/powders, as it can cause silver reflections particularly when flash is used. For the same reasons, over-use of highlights on cheekbones etc can cause undesirable reflections when flash is used.

Guests and their cameras/phones. Your call , but from experience, my strong advice it to ask family and guests to put their cameras and smartphones away during the ceremony. Or at least the entrance. Ask the official to announce it and you won’t feel awkward. You guests are there to witness and enjoy your wedding; to be IN THE MOMENT with you. Plus my photos of them holding up a smart phone or worse an iPad is not ideal. Worse, they can get in the way of important shots. You have paid for a professional so...!

Chewing Gum! - it may calm the nerves but can result in unattractive shots. A big No-No for the couple and the wedding party!

Finally. This is a happy occasion, try not to let the nerves take over. Once the day arrives, take in every moment and allow the day to unfold. If you book me, you can be sure you will have photos of moments you want to revisit, and moments you never even saw, so relax and enjoy YOUR big day.