Photography Training

Photography and Editing

For beginners and improvers

The photo above was taken with an iPhone! It is not all about equipment, it is much more about vision and composition. Over the years I have built up a depth of knowledge from my own experiences plus attending numerous professional training courses and seminars. I now offer online live training sessions at affordable prices. Below you will see details for both beginners and intermediate levels. You don't need expensive equipment to get started!
Please get in touch to discuss the option to suit you.

Photography beginner lessons - £20 for a 30 minute 1:1 Zoom session.

Suitable for anyone wishing the learn the basics. These are the topics that we will cover:

Equipment. Getting to know your camera - you don't need an expensive camera, but whether you use a smartphone or a full frame DSLR, it is important to know what the main functions and settings are. I keep this as non-technical as possible!

Photography styles Understanding your interests and goals, these can change and develop over time, but it is ideal to understand what you like taking photographs of, so we can tailor the lessons to suit. Examples can be landscape, portraits, street photography, events, music, sport etc.

Exposure Triangle. Introduction to shutter speed, aperture and ISO. What are these and why are they important?

Light and composition - the fundamentals of photography. How to use light and how to create balanced images.

Post-production- an introduction in how to start editing and process your digital files.

Projects and review. It is often said that the best way to get good at photography, is to keep taking photos! Once we have covered the basics, I will set up weekly assignments that suit your interests, and more importantly we will review your results at the next lesson.

Photography Intermediate lessons - £30 for a 40 minute 1:1 Zoom session.

Suitable for those wishing to take their photography a step further. These are the topics that I will cover:

Equipment: A more in-depth look at camera types, lens options and lighting equipment

Using Manual settings - The Exposure Triangle - Understanding how to use speed , aperture and ISO settings to suit the lighting conditions and also to control the depth of field to suit the desired result.

Histogram - what is it? and how to use it.

What makes a great photo. We look at the rules but also breaking the rules, high, colour, capturing a moment, telling a story, or just recording an event.

Post-production techniques. Software options, workflow, editing, sharpening, noise reduction, black and white conversion.

Project and Review. Weekly assignments will be agreed and set. We will review the results together to discuss what worked and what might be better next time. We will also look at other photographers, and discuss what made them successful.