AI Photography

AI (Artificial Intelligence) in photography is not entirely new. Photoshop tools such as 'Content Aware Fill' and 'Spot healing brushes' have had an element of AI for some time. Recently sky swapping capability was another step towards AI.

But… the world of digital photo manipulation has recently been supercharged by AI and it is now possible for someone with basic editing skills to make significant changes (additions) to images by simply entering a description in a text box.

Adobe seems to have decided on an ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ stance, and has released an AI beta testing version of Photoshop, where existing Creative Cloud customers can experiment (for personal usage only at present).

I had a play and without spending too much time at all, added some fireworks to one of my wedding photos. Tacky, awesome, out of place or an exciting development? - you decide!

The 2 photos below are before and after AI. I requested a river to cover over distracting boxes etc., and it did a pretty good job with reflections of the distant office blocks added too. However, it added illogical rails, junk and because I didn't make a bigger selection, the railway gantries are now across the river! These can of course be tidied up further manually.

Conclusion: I would be happier if all AI photos were declared as such, otherwise I feel we are moving into a world of confusion and doubt of what is/was real when looking at photographs.

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